General Terms Of Services

  • The aggreed repair price only concerns the reported damage. If the device is found to have an additional or more complex fault, you will be notified again of the new repair cost.
  • The customer accepts that by delivering his device for repair, the manufacturer's warranty may be forfeited and therefore exempts FixMobile Hellas from the forfeiture of the manufacturer's warranty due to repair or attempted of his device by FixMobile Hellas.
  • In the case of a denial of the new repair cost, the minimum charge for receiving an unrepaired device is € 12.40 for the cost of the technical inspection.
  • In case of oxidized device (liquids) no future warranty can be given after the repair has been completed.

  • For all repairs, the warranty provided is 3 months from the issue of the relevant invoice / receipt and relates only to the repaired carried out.
  • The warranty of the repair we have made is not apply if the malfunction of the spare part results from misuse of the customer ( liquid, breakage. distortion , pressure).
  • All cards (SIM, SD) and any accessories (case, chargers) must be removed when the device is delivered for repair, as the store has assumes no responsibility in the event of loss.
  • The company is not responsible for the loss of your data in an attempt to repair your device.The customer should take care to back up his data before attempting any repair.The customer can ask the company to back up if it is feasible at the appropriate cost.
  • The company keeps your device for up to 6 months. If the deadline expires and the customers has not received his device after telephone or electronic alerts then the device is given for recycling.